Business model

Business model


Financial capital

Strong balance sheet, with no financial debt and significant capacity to generate operating funds. This enables the Company to meet its business maintenance and growth investment needs.

Human capital

As a provider of quality-focused services, having specialist human capital is key to adding value.

Their capacities, skills, knowledge and development plans centre on ensuring their know-how is preserved, developed and passed on, to protect our differentiation over time.

Physical capital

Our facilities, whether owned, leased or sub-contracted, enable us to develop the logistics strand of our operations according to high quality standards.

Intellectual capital

We are committed to making continual professional development and constantly improving the technology we deploy in our services, helping

to preserve our differentiation and competitive advantages.

Natural capital

We use natural resources directly and indirectly for the running of our business, always ensuring an efficient usage that contributes to the sustainability of our natural environment in the long term.

Social capital and relationships

Relationships with all our stakeholders are based on mutual benefit and respect and are always focused on establishing relationships that are sustainable over time.


Omnichannel order-taking. Product purchasing


Automated order picking


Real-time warehousing and stock management


Transport and distribution


Billing and payment


Business Intelligence


Physical distribution of a broad range of products to proximity networks

Point-of-sale terminals support business development and facilitate point-of- sale management

Distribution of digital products (electronic transactions) through our proprietary platform

Value-added specialist transport

Physical and thermal product traceability

Business intelligence/Information services

Customised services for clients

Home delivery for online purchases


Reducing environmental impact

Route optimisation
Use of sustainable vehicles and energy
Reuse of packaging
Target to achieve a
30% reduction in emissions by 2030 compared with 2013

Developing talent

Professional development plans
44.740 hours of training
Internal promotion

Creating wealth in the community

Increased revenue and savings for manufacturers and retailers
c. € 64 million
paid in taxes in 2021

Operational excellence

Client satisfaction
High proportion of contract renewals
Long-term relationships

Job creation

>5.850 employees
c. € 985 million
distributed as dividends
Support for disadvantaged groups, mainly in our local area
Support for exporting growth sectors
To ensure a continued and open dialogue, Logista has established specific communication channels individually tailored to each stakeholder, in addition to other communication channels which are open to all of them such as the Company’s corporate website.

Communication channels

Logista encourages a continued, open and transparent dialogue with all of its stakeholders and society as a whole.

As such, it maintains two-way channels of communication and dialogue with all interested parties in order to take both their financial and non-financial (environmental, social or corporate governance related matters) needs and expectations into account.

In 2021, Logista has approved its Information and Communications Policy with regard to shareholders, institutional investors and proxy advisors and to sharing economic and financial, non-financial and corporate information concerning Logista. The Policy applies to information the Company shares, or any communications, meeting or contact it has, with its stakeholders, namely, shareholders, securities markets via the Spanish Securities Market Commission (CNMV), other public bodies, financial institutions, brokers, managers and custodians of Logista’s shares, investors, proxy advisors, credit ratings companies, analysts and investment banks, and generally speaking, with anyone who draws up or publishes investment recommendations or any other kind of information that recommends or suggests an investment strategy, with public opinion and with any other individual or body that determines applicable regulations.

Information is shared or published while upholding the principles of transparency, truthfulness, immediacy, relevance, consistency, adequacy and clarity.

To ensure a continued and open dialogue, Logista has established specific communication channels individually tailored to each stakeholder, in addition to other communication channels which are open to all of them such as the Company’s corporate website (www.logista.com) and the Company reports it publishes each year.

Information is mostly shared or published through the following channels:

  • Spanish Securities Markets Commission (CNMV)
  • Corporate website
  • Other means of communication, for example, via the email address used by analysts and investors (investor. relations@logista.com)
  • Logista’s Investor Relations department and corporate communications management team

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