Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction

Excellence and the highest quality of service

Clients are the core focus of Logista’s business model.

To meet the needs of its clients, Logista has developed a business model that is unique in southern Europe, integrating all the services that make up the distribution value chain into one single supplier. The Company acts efficiently and sustainably and, with full transparency and traceability, offering advanced and specialist services for each sector and point of sale channel in which it operates.

Logista includes sustainability in its objective of offering the highest quality of service, always seeking efficiency in its operations, under the most suitable social and environmental conditions.

As such, Logista promotes ongoing open and transparent dialogue with its clients through a range of specific communication channels tailored to their circumstances (face-to-face contact, meetings, electronic mailboxes, call centres, etc.), or through shared communications channels for different stakeholders, such as the Company’s corporate website (www.logista.com) or the websites of its different businesses.

Logista also has a range of different systems for dealing with complaints and claims from consumers. Each business sets up these systems, tailoring them to suit its individual nature and that of its consumers.

During the 2021 financial year, Logista received 15,691 claims and complaints from consumers (12,860 in 2020), that accounts for just 0.04% of shipments and consignments handled by Logista throughout the year. 3 of these claims and complaints were received by Logista Pharma, and were solved without economic impact. 99.98% of these claims and complaints correspond to operational incidents from the transport division, such as loss of goods, etc.

The claims and complaints from the transport division were resolved through agreement with the clients, always based on the contractual terms agreed in the service provision.

Stable, long-lasting relationships

Logista seeks to establish stable, long-lasting relationships with its clients. Relationships built on trust, that are beneficial to both parties and that always guarantee independent management and operational neutrality.

Logista applies its commitment to quality, sustainability and continuous improvement to all its activities and operations and has numerous certifications to confirm this.

Main certifications

  • ISO 9001:
    Quality Management System in place at more than 300 facilities belonging to a number of the Group’s businesses in Spain and Portugal (tobacco distribution, pharmaceutical products distribution, transport and distribution service of convenience products) and externally audited each year
  • GDP (“Good Distribution Practices”):
    Distribution of medicines in accordance with European and Spanish regulations
  • GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practices”):
    Correct handling, re-packaging and re-packing of medicines awarded by the Spanish health authorities
  • AEO (Authorised Economic Operator):
    The Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (State Tax Administration Agency, AEAT), in its most stringent Customs Simplification, Security and Safety procedure, has certified Logista’s customs control, financial solvency and appropriate levels of security and administrative management to ensure satisfactory fiscal compliance
  • TAPA:
    Certifies Logesta’s compliance with TAPA’s FSR (Facility Security Requirements) and TSR standards (Trucking Security Requirements) designed to guarantee the safe and secure transit and storage of assets of any member of TAPA worldwide
  • ISO 14001:
    Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001:
    Management system for preventing risks in the workplace
  • IFS Logistics:
    Certifies the quality of Integra2 and Logesta in the food sector

New services and measures adopted due to COVID-19

Logista has continued to apply the necessary security and safety measures in 2021 while still providing the services developed in the last financial year to enable it to continue operating during the pandemic – maintaining a high standard of service, quality and security in its operations.

One of these services that is particularly significant is the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine provided by Logista Pharma. Logista Pharma has made the necessary investments and introduced the organisational procedures needed to distribute vaccines at the required temperature for each vaccine type (-70ºC, -20ºC and between 2-8ºC), using unit level traceability with information that is linked to each hospital pack.

Logista Pharma has also managed exports of vaccines (at -70ºC and refrigerated at between 2-8ºC) to various countries, including New Zealand, Fiji, Paraguay, Argentina, and has devised special boxes to ensure optimum storage conditions during transit to their destination.

Logista Pharma has also set up an extensive handling operation for preparing kits that contain all the materials needed for administering the vaccine (water, syringes, serum, solvent, instructions, etc.). In addition, it has managed critical medicines used to treat COVID-19 – controlled by the Spanish Government through the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) – and it has also managed health materials required to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic in the autonomous region of Valencia.

These services are in addition to the services that were introduced last year by Logista Pharma including direct-to-patient delivery service for clinical trial supplies and other hospital medicines, particularly to chronic and high-risk patients, which ensure continuity in treatments and save these patients from having to travel to hospital.

With regard to convenience products, a new range of individual PPI equipment has been created and the financing term for tobacco retailers was extended during the months when partial lockdown measures were imposed in different regions. As for small parcel services, Nacex has developed a tool which removes the need for the consignee to provide a physical signature on delivery slips by using a QR code sent by email to register the shipment.

In response to requests from booksellers and publishers who are facing new challenges due to the rapid rise of e-commerce, Logista Libros has continued to expand its Dropshipping service which allows readers to buy books via their preferred method, either online or at physical stores, for direct home delivery.

Logista’s administrative divisions have also been able to work remotely during the pandemic almost without incident thanks to the progress made in recent years in digitalising the company. and its systems.

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